Mexico Warehouse Announcement

Dear valued Mexico clients,

First of all, we'd like to express our sincere regret to you that our goods were delayed and could not be shipped. We have been urging freight forwarders every day recently.

According to the shipping company, the first batch of goods (shipped on October 18) actually arrived at the port on November 25. The customs clearance procedures were completed on December 6.

Mexico warehouse 3D Printer

However, due to the busy sales season, the staffs are slow in processing orders, and the goods had not been delivered to the warehouse.

The latest news from the freight forwarder is that the goods will be delivered to the warehouse before December 18.

Once the goods arrive at the warehouse, we will start processing the shipment of the order according to the purchase date. This means that earlier orders will ship faster.

Another batch of our goods (October 27) was delivered to the warehouse. It arrived in Mexico on December 12 and is currently in the process of customs clearance. After customs clearance, the goods can be transported to the warehouse for delivery. When the second batch of goods arrives at our warehouse, we will re-process the shipment of the order according to the purchase date.

Mexico warehouse 3D Printer

If you want to know when your order will be processed and when your first or second batch of goods will arrive, please contact us: We will check and confirm the detailed progress of order shipment for you.

Sorry for the inconvenience again!

Everything goes well for you.

Kind regards,

Kingroon Tech Co., LTD

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jose roca - February 23, 2023

hola, me gustaria saber si tienen lamina pei en mexico, buen dia

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