filament dry box
filament dry box
filament dry box
filament dry box
filament dry box
filament dry box
filament dry box
filament dry box
filament dry box
filament dry box
filament dry box
filament dry box

Filament Dry Box for 3D Printing

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filament dry box

Filament Dry Box for 3D Printing

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Filament dry box with rubber seal strips and desiccants to prevent 3D print filaments from absorbing moisture.


  1. Buckle design to lock the cover tight
  2. Rubber seal strips to isolate external moisture
  3. Desiccants are placed inside to absorb moisture
  4. LCD displays real-time temperature and humidity
  5. Two couplers to fit different filament feeding directions on different 3D printers
  6. Aluminum spool holder inside to support filament spool

What is a filament dry box?

A filament dry box is designed to protect the filament from dust and moisture. Clean and dry filament ensures better print quality, stronger printed parts, and meanwhile less risk of hotend jamming.

Why we should use dry filament?

If your 3D print has a poor surface finish, it's probably caused by the wet filament you're using. But we have more reasons to use dry filament in our daily 3D printing.

1st, the dryer your filament is, the stronger parts you get. 

When filament absorbs moisture from the environment, hydrolysis (a symptom of polymer chain degradation) happens. The moisture acts like a knife. It cuts long polymer chains into much shorter ones. During this process, the performance of the filament degrades. It becomes weaker; hence you get a really weak print.

Different 3D print filaments vary in the hygroscopicity (water absorption rate). of different 3D printer filament types in a temperature of 23℃. Check it to see what water absorption rate your filament is at.

2nd, if you're using wet filament, you have an increased possibility of hotend jamming. 

Moisture inside wet filament changes the polymer viscosity while melting. For some polymers, moisture increases friction; for other polymers, increased moisture leads to less viscosity, but increased porosity and degradation of polymer chains. Sometimes, really wet filament produces steam and separates the base material.


Capacity: φ200*75mm

Size: 240*115*252mm

Weight: 584g

Package includes:

Filament storage box *1, Teflon tube *1, Desiccant *2, Spool holder *1, Coupler cap *1

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