Kingroon KP3S Pro 3D Printer

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Kingroon KP3S Pro is a cantilever-style 3D printer with linear guide rails on both X and Z-axis to enhance printer head stability and accuracy for increased printing quality.     

Based on a titan direct drive extruder with a 3:1 gear ratio, Kingroon KP3S Pro is able to print various 3D printing materials, including commonly used PLA, flexible materials like TPU and PETG, and abrasive and strong filaments like ABS and nylon.  
Compared with KP3S, KP3S Pro has an increased print volume of 200*200*200mm, which further expands the printer's capability for your daily 3D printing tasks.
With TMC2225 stepper drivers, all motors on KP3S Pro operate quietly. A quiet printing is certainly a plus for not disturbing your family.
With a built-in switching power supply, KP3S Pro operates much safer and offers more convenience to be placed when compared with 3D printers having independent switching power supplies.


  • Compact design but a decent print volume of 200*200*200mm.
  • Reliable titan direct extruder with 3:1 gear ratio.
  • Build-in switching power supply.
  • Resume printing when unexpected power failure or filament outage happens.
  • TMC2225 stepper driver ensured quiet printing.
  • Enhanced accuracy by X and Z-axis linear guide rails.
  • Stable print bed operation with larger support underneath.
  • 95% pre-assembled for about 15 minutes of quick installation.

Y-Axis Upgrade NOTE: 

Y-axis linear rails upgradge kit will be shipped seperately from China.

The printing height would be decreased to 180-185mm after installing the Y-axis linear rail upgrade kit.

The tutorial of upgrade your KP3S PRO with Y-axis linear rail is available on our official YouTube channel.

Titan Direct Drive Extruder

Lightweight, yet powerful direct extruder.

Compact & Lightweight Motor

Lightweight and compact Nema 17 stepper motor.

3:1 Gear Reduction

3:1 gearing triples the resolution of the system and allows for smooth printing.

Every Material

Good for PLA, ABS, TPU, Nylon printing.

Kingroon KP3S Pro Specifications
Print Volume
Machine Size320*325*360mm
Packaging Size510*440*180mm
Net Weight7.6kg
Languages8 languages (EN / RU / JP / FR / ES / DE / CN / IT)
Print ViaUSB / TF card
Machine Power240W
Input Voltage110V-220V
Power Supply24V 15A 360W
Feeder SystemDirect Extruder
Print BedHeat Bed with Tempered Galss

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
赤尾 謙一郎
It's a scam

I ordered 3items(KP3S Pro+Y-axis Linear Guide Upgrade Kit+PEI Plate), however PEI plate was forgotten and the Kingroon said to send it soon. However PEI plate was NOT sent to me even after a month. This company is a scam and thief.

ron williams

id say its only [****] but the printer is grate , the only thing id say bad is if you had the old kingroon you know it come with its own software the king roon pro well it just uses cura and you have to set it all up I miss the kingroon software

Nick Fuhrmann
Great printer for the price!!! $$$

I bought this printer a few weeks ago and so far I'm really happy. Also picked up the PEI Sheet and the support contacted right away telling me it is the wrong size and they will replace it with the correct one. The printer was easy to install and worked good without many adjustments. Installing Klipper on it was straight forward and is running without any issues. My Y-Axis upgrade kit arrived 3 weeks later without any problems.
Unfortunate there is no installation guide for the Y-Axis Upgrade. Took me a quite a while to figure out how to install the kit but I managed to get it work.
The PTFE tube is a bit too short and I'm going to replace it with a new one. Also the filament sensor position is a bit awkward.
But I am quite happy so far. It's a good value for the price!!!

Awesome First 3D Printer!

I bought this early as a Christmas present for my kid thinking it would take me at least a month to learn how to 3D print. It took me no time at all to set up and within hours I had multiple small prints complete. I have had it hidden in my office printing 24/7 for 2 weeks. So far I would say this is a great purchase.

Fast Delivery, Good Printer, Good Support.

Fast shipping from EU. Linear Rails shipped seperatly from China.
Very good printer. Good improvements to normal KP3S.
I'm running this printer with klipper.

Kingroon KP3S PRO FAQ