TZ Extrusion Gear TZ Extrude Auxiliary Handle for Bambu Lab X1/X1C/PIp Models

Introducing the TZ Extrusion Gear and TZ Extrude Auxiliary Handle for Bambu lab X1/X1C/P1P 3D printers, designed to work seamlessly together for an enhanced 3D printing experience.

When used in conjunction, these components deliver exceptional performance with higher stability, faster printing speeds, and increased wear resistance. Say goodbye to concerns about rust, as these accessories come with a rust-preventive feature to ensure longevity.

These accessories are specifically tailored to fit original factory models, including the P1PIX1 series. The kit comprises rotating gears and driving gears, facilitating the smooth feeding of consumables into the hot end, resulting in precise and consistent prints.

Crafted from robust aluminum alloy, the extruded handle is not only easy to replace but also highly wear-resistant, contributing to an extended service life. The inclusion of oblique teeth further enhances the gear's efficiency, ensuring a reliable and durable 3D printing solution.