KINGROON KP8 3D Printer 8K Resin UV Photocuring 10.3" LCD 3D Printer


KINGROON 8K Resin 3D Printer UV Photocuring 10.3" LCD 3Dprinter High-precision Large 228*128*200mm Building Size

8K Vivid Details

The 10.3-inch 8K LCD screen with a UHD resolution of 7680x4320 , you can print out highly-detailed prints with sharper edges and corners at micron-level accuracy, support printing layer thickness down to 0.025-0.15mm in a faster printing speed of 1-3s.

*Model: KINGROON 8K Resin 3D Printer
*Printer Size: 228*128*200mm
*XY Axis Accuracy : 0.029mm
*Z axis accuracy :0.01mm
*Print Speed : 40-80mm/h
*Print thickness : 0.025-0.15mm
*light source :COB+Phenanthropic mirror
*Lamp Qualitity : 64
*UV power adjustable : Support
*trough material: Aluminium Alloy
*Slicing software : ChiTuBox
*slice format : stl, obj
*Connection : U Disk
*Rated power: 240W (24V 10A)
*Input voltage: 110/220V
*Platform material :Aluminium Alloy
*Touch Control Screen : 3.5 inch
*Consumables :405nm resin
*Weight : about 15KG
*Language Support : Korean /Chinese /English /France /Germany / Italy / Japanese /Spain / Portugal / Turkey / Greek