Essential 3D Printing Tools and Spare Parts

essential and obscure 3D printing tools and spares to keep your 3D printers running smoothly. you're looking to establish a makerspace, this guide should be pretty useful for you.
and money for a set of screwdriver
one of these sets with multiple drivers can be a pretty good compromise. An added bonus is that all of these drivers will fit into a drill or a
about the nut. Ispanner or a wrench for these nuts and one of the ones that two purposes. The first is ptfe tube fittings, the second is the eccentric nuts that we use to tension our v-rollers. The smaller end typically matches the m5 that hold on the v-roller assembly.

which is designed to match the outside
recommend getting a high quality adjustable wrench. These will allow you to hold the heater block while you're doing a nozzle change, without marking and damaging the outside. 

Nozzle Wrench Socket

i much prefer this cheap socket set.
screwdrivers. You'll need philips head, flat head in a variety of sizes. Again a multi-set with its multitude of options can be a good alternative to buying individual screwdrivers.
pliers. By far my favorite tool in this category iare great for clipping and removing existing cable ties or snipping the tails off new ones you've just applied. They're also excellent for cleaning up the end of your spool of filament before you reinsert it into the hot end.

Tuning & Maintenance 3D Printer Tools

tuning and maintenance of your 3D printer.
his synthetic grease is excellent for
to ensure nothing binds, and your printer is operating smoothly.

Ruler & Digital Calipers

accurate measuring tools. is a great tool when calibrating e-steps. Many tests however require the use of vernier or digital calipers. Because we need high accuracy whether it's measuring the exterior dimensions of an object or measuring the wall thickness you want.


your stepper motors and your driver's required manual setting of the vref, then a multimeter is an invaluable tool.

Spare Parts to Have on Hand

the bed. or hairspray or glue

Heat Bed Surface

hand of whatever heat bed build surface you use
get damaged.


spares of. As the tube will degrade over time, especially when used in aligned hot end. The tube can also fail from blockages or from the fitting cutting into it. cutter is optional but a nice accessory to have.

Push Fittings

fittings on hand. These can wear out and the little metal teeth can break off.

Nozzles & Thermistors & Heater Cartridges

that will eventually wear out. If you don't want to spend big money on a hardened nozzle then just buy a series of cheap ones. Agoes, thermistors, heater cartridges, as well as silicon socks are all handy-to-have spares. Especially if you have a long print.

Cooling Fans

consumable, and i like to keep spares of stock fans, failed.
like to keep some spare rollers on hand

Micro SD Cards

Micro sd cards are small and can be easily lost. so it's good to have some spares on hand.

Post-Processing Tools

clean up a finished print, basics.

Heatbed Scraper

system on your printer, then a scraper would help you to removing your prints much easier.

Pliers & Cutting Tools

of pliers for removing support, a series of other wooden handle tools for prying off support and other odds and ends. A set of cutting tools, as well as a cutting mat.
support material. Generally i'll start with the pliers, and then move to the wooden handle tools to pry off other chunks, and then the blades if need be to get the surfaces smooth.
3d print tools and parts
forget the humble drill and drill bits. 3D printers often print holes undersized. So drill is handy for getting the round and accurate again.

Sandpaper & Sanding Sponges

of sanding to remove layer lines. Everyone knows about sandpaper, but not everyone knows about these he abrasive is bonded onto each side, but in the middle is like a kitchen sponge this makes them easy to grab with your hand.

Heat Gun & Hair Dryer 

great shortcut to remove stringing simply melt away the fine wisps of filament.

Deburring Tool

tool. When your prints have some that edge. Tjob on printed plastic. It's not particularly sharp to touch in removing thin shavings off the edge.
deburring tool

Obscure / Unusual 3D Printing Spare Parts

When grinding filament, there's nothing better than a toothbrush to cleaning up the debris, and particularly for getting in between in the hobbed gear.
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Aldo - October 5, 2022

Hello … I would like to know if there are the spare parts of the Y axis linear guides and how much they cost, thanks ,,,,, also I would like to know if it is possible to put a larger display in the KP5L printer board bought a few days ago on the site …. GEEKBUYING.COM …. code number 5701413……..09/09/2022 … thanks

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