Klipper AI with Obico - Best Upgration for Your Klipper Printers

As long as you are not Working in a 3D Printer Company, preventing failed prints and saving materials is always the first thing affects to the cost. And it seems to be impossible to sit in front of the printer and keep watching or get away from the failed prints.

But actually, Obico, an AI project created just for 3D printing is now make it possible. And thanks to the AI feature, it is growing, developing and evolving, but absolutely easy and affordable enough for everyone.

Obico Subscription

If you own any Klipper printers like KINGORON KLP1 or KP3S Pro V2, run Marlin models like KP3S, ender 3 with Octopi or Klipper, you can start with Obico directly. It provides full premium service for free in the first month, you can check on everything for making the decision. All you need to do is register an account install it on your printer.

Since we are mostly focus on Klipper, how to set up Obico on Marlin models with Octopi is not included.

And of course, your AI will need eyes, which is a webcam, make sure you have it on. 

Link New Printer

Go to the Obico Page, click on “Link New Printer”, then the detailed setup process will start right after that. Just follow a few steps. Your printer will be ready.

Then you need to choose the platform for your printer, just choose Klipper and proceed. If you are not using Klipper, How to Prepare Klipper Firmware for Kingroon KP3S Using Fluiddpi will help you with it. 

After that, you will need to enter a few commands in the terminal window.

cd ~

git clone https://github.com/TheSpaghettiDetective/moonraker-obico.git 

cd moonraker-obico


To do that you might need the SSH information:

KINGROON Klipper models(KLP1 KP3S Pro V2): mks/makerbase

Klipper Under Raspberry Pi: pi/raspberry


Login with the above SSH information, then enter the above commends into the terminal window.

The installation might take while, just wait for its finish, remember to enter “y” for one step. Once you see it asking for verification code, the installation is good. Otherwise, please check the network or try switch the internet environment.

Go back to the Obico page, click on “Next”, the system will start to scan for your qualified printers.  The process could be instant or quite long, it all depends on your network.

Finally, it will show you a code, enter it in the terminal window, your printer will be linked.

Once you see “SUCCESS!!! Now enjoy obico for Klipper!” You should be able to see them in the Obico page, or Obico app(IOS and Android).

Print with Obico

After that, you can go install the Obico app on your phone and control your printer anywhere in the world. The “same ip” thing is no long a problem.

You can access the full Fluidd or Mainsail feature with the “Klipper Tunnel”(right menu on printer setting in the Obico app), print from “Obico Files” or access and print through “Klipper”.


Everything will be the same in the Fluidd or Mainsail dashboard. But you will see the real magic when seeing it in the Obico page.

The Obico System actually is watching your prints and analysis them in every certain period of time, evaluate the prints and decide to pause or cancel them and remind you.

Once a potential failed print has been detected, you will be reminded with email, the print will also be paused for your decision. Some series failures, it will cancel the prints for you directly. So, Obico literally helps people save money, protects your printers and you.

Time Lapse with Obico

Obico has many features to enjoy, we will introduce them in the coming articles. But there is one great feature that makes me so impressed, you can do time lapse video in Orbico. Once you open the app, you can find all the prints in the “print history”, and they have timelapse videos, on each of them (only qualified ones). And there are two versions, one with failure detection, one with original scene. So, you can publish the second one directly in social media.    

Now you are all set with the Klipper AI and start a new trip on 3D Printing. Have a good time!

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