How to Modify Configuration file for the KINGROON KP3 Mainboard

If you are using a KINGROON KP3 mainboard, you might need to run following steps to solve the firmware issues like wrong direction or just customize your own 3D Printer.

KP3S Mainboard


First, download the firmware files.
Then uzip it and get the “robin_nano_cfg” file. Open it and start to edit.


Step 1:

>X_MAX_POS 180
>Y_MAX_POS 180
>Z_MAX_POS 180

Modify the value to what you need.


Step 2: 

Modify the coordinates of the five points for manual bed leveling, depends on the bed size.



Step 3:

If you are using auto bed leveling function, download the below firmware and do the same as above steps.
If not, just skip this step.


Then you will need to modify the ABL coordinates. Find below lines:


The values are the distances between the BL Touch pin and the heatbed edges, you need to measure it and find the values.


Step 4:

After that, you need to modify the motor directons.

Find below lines, modify the numbers to change the directons. “0” and “1” means the opposite directions.

>INVERT_E1_DIR 0 (Skip This Line)

Before modifying the directions, you need to run a test first.

Flashing the cfg file first, then home the axis one by one and see if all the directions are right. Then let the extruder extrude and retract, see if the directions right.


Step 5:

If you are not using a Titain Extruder, please find the E-steps value from the parameter the manufacturer provides.
Then find below line and modify it.


Otherwise the extrusion might be wrong.
After that, you are all set.

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Tim Saxton - October 24, 2023

I have a K3PS Pro and have downloaded the file for auto level twice from 2
different locations. Both times the flashed screen showed “Engraving” instead of “Printing” Also I only have the option to move the x and z axis. I reflashed the original and used the printer between.

patrick - October 20, 2023

I have uploaded the bl touch firmware from the above link to my printer for auto bed levelling, but I don’t have this option in the setup menu. It also won’t let me manually use the buttons to move any axis. I have a kp3s pros1 with a 303 MotherBoard. any ideas on how to fix this issue?

Zbigniew - October 1, 2023

Mam kp3s na GD32F303 .Wprowadziłem zmianę w pliku robin_nano_cfg.
>INVERT_E0_DIR 1 na 0 powinna być zmiana kierunku wysuwania filamentu .
Dlaczego to nie działa .Oprogramowanie ściągnięte z linku na początku strony .
Plik otwarty i edytowany notatnikiem zapisany na karcie i wgrany .

Errol foster - September 15, 2023

I just received my Kingroon KP3S Pro and fitting auto bed leveling but the x axis is reversed I have changed the direction by changing 0 to 1 but it seems to have no effect
Regards Errol Foster

Nekosaurio3D - August 16, 2023

I just open my K3PS and I had extruder issues. My extruder motor is not working. I already check the motor alone and it works but the motor not work directly conected on the mainboard.

Adam - July 14, 2023

I have a k3ps and I think I have extruder issues. I measured the filament and marked off 60mm and then asked the printer to feed in 60mm. I still had 12mm left when it was finished. Then I tried 10mm and I still had 1.8mm left. Can you tell me what I need to do to calibrate the extruder?
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