3D Printable Upgrades for your Kingroon KP3S [Weekly Best Share 01]

Kingroon KP3S 3D printer is very popular aomng 3D printing community and already there's a bunch of 3d printed upgrades available on Thingiverse and elsewhere on the Internet. We picked one well upgraded Kingroon KP3S 3D printer from our user Mauro Riccardi in Kingroon official Facebook group.  

Kingroon KP3S Upgrades

KP3S Fan Guard 40mm

The first one is the fan cover here. There's a fair chance that loose bits of filament can fall in and jam the fan or foul the electronics. This one was a pretty simple print and I urge you to make that your very first mod.

Thingiverse: thing 4674297

Designer: gergreko

Kingroon KP3S upgrades

Z-axis Stabilizer with 608 Bearing

This 3D printable Z-axis stabilizer uses a 608 bearing to provide further stability to the threaded rod from the top of the printer. While, if your threaded rod isn't going perfectly straight up and you add this top bearing, you can potentially bend the threaded rod even more.

Design file could be download on Cults3d.


Kingroon KP3S upgrades

Printed Base to Store PSU

Some customers might feel it takes up a little more space than is necessary with separt power bank of Kingroon KP3S 3D printer. This base solution design from SQUIRRELBRAIN not only to make your KP3S look cool, but also to minimize the storage space of your KP3S. 

Desgin file could be download on Cults3d.


PETG filament is an ideal material for such a project, because of its durability. If you must, PLA would do (the parts are not mechanically stressed or subject to excessive heat), but we don’t recommend it.

35º Tilt LCD Faceplate

The mods adds a 35º tilt the flat LCD faceplate for your KP3S, making it easier to read and control.

Thingiverse: thing 4659751

Designer: arcade_galicia

Kingroon KP3S upgrades

Cable Fixing Strap

Three cable fixing straps to hold cables in position and reduce rubs with other parts. 

Kingroon KP3S X-axis cable strap:

Thingiverse: thing 4948907

Designer: 95cruzer

Kingroon KP3S Z-axis cable strap:

Thingiverse: thing 4942374

Designer: 95cruzer

Kingroon KP3S bed cable support:

Thingiverse: thing 4942388

Designer: 95cruzer

Kingroon KP3S Upgrades

Kingroon KP3S Heatbed Handle

The handle helps to move the heatbed of KP3S more easily and avoid heat injuries. The handle won't take any print space. It need to be assembled on the screws of the front heatbed knobs. Better to print with PETG for more solid use. 

You may need to re-adjust the z-stop for the thickness of the glass bed changed.

Thingiverse: thing 5101100

Designer: ko3Des

kingroon kp3s upgrdes

The above upgrades on Kingroon KP3S, some improved the printer's ease of use and some actually improved the performance and even capabilities of the printer. Thank you to the contributions from our Kingroon users' community. And welcome to share more functional or fun upgrades to your Kingroon KP3S in the following comments. 

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Richard - April 7, 2023

KP3s upgrades are super.
Please ,please, please could you send me any more upgrades as I am disabled and find it very difficult to get information on upgades. I thank you very much indeade.

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