Kingroon KP3S SD Card Files to Download

Original Kingroon KP3S 3D printer SD card files to DOWNLOAD.

Including Kingroon KP3S user guide in English, German, Russian, and Japanese. 

Kingroon KP3S stock fan duct stl file.

Test stl files. 

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Daniel - June 16, 2024

My kingroon kp3s rejects the micro sd as if it had a spring that wouldn’t let it in. Thank you

luis alberto - February 11, 2024

hola buenas noches

tengo problemas imprime en una esquina y no enmedio no se centra siempre empieza en la esquina

JOHN - December 11, 2023

the sd card that came with the KP3S-FDM printer dosnt work and i cant find the files too put it on a new sd card so i can install the program too print on my new 3d printer. i wish your website had a direct link too to download the program and not just a redirect too a google drive. this should be simple but your website makes it unnecessarily complicated

Kristy - October 8, 2023

I’m trying to print from SD card, but it won’t print. Loads file to 100%, but doesn’t start print at all. I have 64gb micro sd card, kingroon kp3s machine. Also, what causes filament to be pushed out and unload from spool when printing? Thanks.

EdS - October 4, 2023

Dear Support,
The MicroSD card that came with the printer no longer works. The card appears to be de-laminating.

I downloaded the Original Kingroon KP3S 3D printer SD card files and copied all the files to a new MicroSD card, but the receive “no files found” from the KP3S when I try to select a file to print.

The g-code files were all placed in the root directory of the MicroSD card, with copies of all the g-code files also placed in the “stl” directory.

What capacities of MicroSD card are valid to be used? What are the minimum and maximum usable capacities? The new card I purchased has 64 GB capacity.

What formatting should be used for the MicroSD card?

How much would it cost to purchase a new MicroSD card with the original SD files directly from Kingroon?



Mariusz - September 5, 2023

Uruchamianie drukarki kończy się na loading, drukarka się zawiesza.

victor antonio amaya rojas - July 23, 2023

hola recientemente adquirí la kingroon kps3 S1 intento imprimir pero se escucha un pitido fuerte y no hace nada mas que paso tengo que hacer para poder imprimir gracias

Allan Christensen - June 17, 2023

Used once now err5 :(

Richard - April 19, 2023

When I try to print, there is a loud beeping sound. What is the issue and how do I fix?

Fernando Carvalho - February 23, 2023

Boa noite,
Comprei uma KP3 – FDM montei tudo certo e quando inseri o cartão para realizar o teste da impressão simplesmente não há nenhuma informação no cartão, é normal essa situação?

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