Assembly Manual of Kingroon KP5M 3D Printer

Kingroon KP5M X/Z Axis Assembly

Put the X/Z axis vertically on the Kingroon KP5M printer base. (as shown in the picture) Tighten and secure X/Z axis to the printer base from the printer bottom using four M5*35 screws. 

Kingroon KP5M user manual

Cable Connection of Kingroon KP5M 3D Printer

A. Connect Z-axis motor wires on the 6-pin (4 wires) port.

B. Connect Z-axis limit switch wires on the 3-pin (2 wires) port.

 cable connection on kingroon kp5m

C. Insert the 26 pin ribbon cable into the control box and the x-axis connector. 

D. Insert the screen cable into the screen. 

Kingroon KP3S power cable

Screen Installation

Secure and fix the screen with two M5 * 10 screws. (as show in the picture) 

Kingroon KP5M screen installation

Then all the installion for an unboxed Kingroon KP5M 3D printer is done. You could plug in the power cable and flip the power switch to start your print now. 

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