Hardened Steel Nozzle for Bambu Lab Carbon X1 & P1P


About Hardened Steel Nozzle for Bambu Lab Carbon X1 & P1P

Introducing the Enhanced Heating Block for Our Hardened Steel Nozzles

Our upgraded heating block for hardened steel nozzles features an advanced treatment with a chromium-zirconium copper nickel plating. This treatment not only guarantees exceptional durability but also provides outstanding high-temperature resistance of up to 500°C.

Moreover, this cutting-edge plating technique enhances heat conduction, ensuring swift and efficient heat distribution. This, in turn, promotes optimal performance and boosts productivity for all your 3D printing requirements.

Package Includes:

Hardened Steel Nozzle: 1/5PCS

Experience improved durability and performance with our enhanced heating block. Upgrade your 3D printing game today!
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