Laser Engraver Head for Kingroon KP3S

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How to Enable Laser on Kingroon KP3S 3D Printer

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Safety Precautions

· Keep wearing the companion Googles in the package when working with the laser head, to avoid any damages to your eyes. 
· Laser engraving/cutting can case smoke, it is necessary to place your machine at a well-ventilated environment.

Fast Heat Dissipation

Efficient heat dissipation with a large aluminum heatsink, cooling DC fan, and an hole in the middle to improve air flow.

Adjustable Blue-Violet Light Focus

Users can adjust the focus by rotating the laser head according to the working distance to find the optimal spot size.

Laser Head Parameters
Wavelength445nm (Blue)
Power1300mW - 1600mW
Operating Voltage24V (DC)
Lens MaterialDedicated optical coated glass
Net Weight110g
Focal Length2 - 7cm
Working Temp-15℃ - 30℃
Machine Power240W
Preheat Time<1min
Modulation ModeTTL / PWM modulation