CHC V6 Hotend (Ceramic Heating Ring)


The CHC (ceramic heating core) V6 hotend comes with a pre-installed 104NT-4-R026H42G 50W thermistor, which allows for drop-in upgrades for most V6-style hot ends. No firmware changes are required for many who are already using this thermistor.

With built-in copper alloy bimetal heat insulation, the ceramic heating ring can be heated evenly and rapidly to achieve 360 ° annular heating.

The throat thread of the CHC hotend is closely combined with the copper-plated heating ring thread to prevent leakage of consumables. 

PLA/ABS/TPU/PETG/PA/PA+CF high-quality printing accuracy and good durability. The cold end has very low thermal conductivity and high heat dissipation. Suitable for consumables in the full temperature range.