Common Accessories for KINGROON Models

Backup Parts:


Extruder(Backup Replacement)


KP3 Mainboard(For Backup replacement, if you like to try new features and DIY)


Titan Extruder without Motor(Backup Kit You might need)


Original Heatbreak for Kingroon KP3S(Backup parts you will need)


E3D V5 Heater Block for Kingroon KP3S(Backup parts)


E3D V6 Direct Heatsink for Kingroon KP3S(Backup parts)


Kingroon KP3S / KP5L / KP3S Pro Hotend(Backup parts)


50W 6*20mm Heating Tube(Backup parts)


Thermistor Replacement for Kingroon KP3S / Ender 3(Backup Parts)


5015 Blower Fan (24V)(Backup parts)


3010 Brushless DC Cooling Fan(Backup parts)


Kingroon KP5L Series 3D Printer Mainboard(Backup mainboard for the KP5L and KP3S Pro)


Teflon Tube for 3D Printer Bowden Extruder(Filament guide and backup parts)


High Temperature Heat Resistant Tape(Required when replacing the heating tubes and thermistor sensors)



Improve Quality and Daily Use:


PEI (Easy to remove objets and better heating )


Flexi Spring Steel Sheet with 10mm Grid(Easy to remove objets and better heating, for ABS and PLA)


eBOX Lite Filament Storage Box(Prevent Filament getting damp and getting better print quality)


Filament Dry Box for 3D Printing(Prevent Filament getting damp and getting better print quality)


400ml 3D Printer Bed Adhesion Spray(Great Bed Adhesion)


Heating Block Silicone Socks(Better Heating and keep the nozzle kit clean)


Nozzle Clean Kit(Sometimes need to clean the nozzle)



DIY and Upgrade:


3PCS Filament Detection Sensor(For KP3S, enable the filament sensor)


BMG Extruder(For DIY)


Flsun Speeder Pad Klipper Firmware Screen(Best option for using Klipper and Klipper Screen)


Aluminum Hotbed Bracket Kit for KP3S(Reduce the bed weight for faster printing)


All-metal Heatbreak for KP3S(For PETG and ABS printing)


3D Touch Leveling Sensor & Probe(Enable the ABL feature)


Laser Engraver Head for Kingroon KP3S(Turn your printer into a carving machine)

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Terry - April 4, 2023

I’ve tried everything all it does is turn on

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