Install BLTouch Leveling Sensor on Kingroon KP5L (Firmware Download)

Upgrade your Kingroon KP5L (Full DIY version) 3D printers or Kingroon KP5L (Half-assembled Version) 3D printers with BL Touch or 3D Touch auto leveling sensor. 

First, get the printable fix frame for the BLTouch, which you could install the BLTouch on the extruder head. 



Secure Cables for BLTouch

The limit switch for the leveling cable is for Zmax place and the position of the black and write cable can't be switched. The write cable is for S. The black cable is for G. As shown in the following picture. 

The cable for the motor also need to follow the right position as shown in the picture below. 

kingroon kp5m bltouch installation

Firmwares for Kingroon KP5L BLTouch Upgrade 

Get the .bin firmware modified for BLTouch upgrade for your Kingroon KP5L (FULL DIY VERSION) 3D printer

Get the .bin firmware modified for BLTouch upgrade for your Kingroon KP5L (HALF ASSEMBLED VERSION) 3D printer.


kingroon kp5l pro

Save the .bin formate firmware on your TF card and upgrade on your Kingroon KP5L printer.  

Adjust the Default Leveling Position

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Daisy - December 10, 2023

I have the same BLtouch firmware trouble, can’t find an answer for it from its official website. The service of this brand is so bad, i would never buy from this again.

Terry - June 24, 2023

Someone please help me with firmware to add bltouch to my kp5l. I have followed every set of instructions that I could find but I can’t find a working .bin file, I can’t get a compile if firmware to complete. I added the bltouch because there was no baby step option on the firmware that came with the printer. Tearing my hair out. Bought this machine as an upgrade for my ender3 and have had nothing but trouble with it.

Jim - December 27, 2022

I have several Kingroon printers, including 2 KP5L’s. One of these gives me a black screen. However, when switching it on, the message shows ‘booting’ for about 1 second, then the screen goes black.

I have inserted a new motherboard and changed the screen & screen wire from the other printer, but that has not corrected the problem. However, both screens and screen cables work with the other printer.

I have checked and re-checked wires, I have fitted external Mosfets.

When switching on, the light on the motherboard comes on, then goes off. The fan stays on, the light and the fan on the power unit both work, and the lights on the external Mosfets stay on.

Would an internal cable fault cause this problem, as both ribbon cables for the screens work on my other printer? Also, I have uploaded firmware many many times, with and without BL touch firmware.
I am at a loss to know what else I can do. Could you help please? Many thanks in advance.

Cha0 - December 25, 2022

The 3D Touch I received with KP5L on klipper always response probe: TRIGGERED not matter pin_down or pin_up

Eric Galloway - September 23, 2022

This is my 5th attempt at reaching someone here, and at this point, I can only ascertain that Kingroon is only interested in making sales. It appears that Kingroon has NO INTEREST in customer support, communication, etc. Your lack of response has taught me a valuable lesson. I will NEVER again purchase ANY product from Kingroon. I strongly suggest anyone considering making a purchase from Kingroon choose a different company.

Eric Galloway - September 15, 2022


My 4th attempt on reaching someone here. I’ll add here that it was the half-assembled version of firmware I’ve been using. Also, the 3d touch did manage to complete the auto-leveling through the upgraded menu system via the firmware upgrade. That part has never been the issue. The issue still remains of the screen blanking white and being unresponsive and unusable after beginning a print, or while homing the printer, and even while trying to preheat. The printer also will at times, power cycle itself and reboot while trying to select preheating temperatures. PLEASE HELP.

Eric Galloway - September 14, 2022


Does anyone ever monitor this website? This is my 3rd attempt at contacting someone here…. Please respond.

Eric Galloway - September 4, 2022

I tried previously 1 week ago,(through the “Contact Us” link) to ask for help regarding this issue I’m encountering since upgrading the firmware on my KP5L. I’ll try here in hopes someone might read and respond. I purchased a new Kingroon KP5L and had been operating it for about a month without a single issue. I then purchased the 3D Touch upgrade kit from this official website, following the tutorial from this website, and then downloaded, and flashed the firmware from this website. It works, intermittingly, sometimes, but will ALWAYS result in an absolute white out, unresponsive screen within the first 3 layers of any print I attempt. Though it might continue printing even after the screen becomes unusable, it will ALWAYS then cause a layer shift (at or around) the 12-13mm z height, while still attempting to print. I have re-flashed the firmware many times(6 or 7), and I’ve downloaded the firmware on 2 different instances, both times running a successful checksum on the zip files. Long story short, I believe this firmware to be buggy and am in need of your assistance so that I might be able to once again use this otherwise good machine. As it sits right now, it’s nothing more than an electric paperweight until we can resolve this.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

KAA - May 1, 2022

There is something strange about using
I think the compression is low.
Please confirm.

Jigzila - April 6, 2022


I started to Look for the stock firmware, but what I found on your website still needed to be compiled; ie I was not able to find a .bin file to return to the stock firmware. Can you direct me to a .bin file for the stock firmware?

In addition, could you provide documentation on how to better configure the 2.0 firmware? I was hoping to configure the printer so it would do two probes for my 3D Touch, not just one.

Kp5l full diy

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