Flexible filament, TPU, Print on Kingroon KP3S 3D Printer

A lot of people have difficulty in printing TPU filament. As a 3D printer with direct extruder, Kingroon KP3S has advantanges in printing soft 3d print filament, like TPU. 

Features of TPU Filament Filament

First of all, you need to get to know the specific features of TPU 3D print filament. The most important feature of TPU that makes it not easy to print is hygroscopic. It means that TPU trends to absorb moisture in the air very quickly. It would affect your print results only after 3-4 days exposure in the air. 

TPU print

Tip number one for well TPU printing is to make sure your TPU is dry before printing. You need to storing your TPU filament correctly. We would recommend you to use it up after opening your TPU filament. You could take a filament storage box, which would help you to store and dry your 3d print filament. Air-tight storage bags are another cheaper way for filament storage.

Hearing your TPU Print to See if it's Too Moistured

You'll hear a kind of sizzling noise while printing your moistured TPU filament. The sizzling sound is literally the watering moisture in the filament cooking itself off. If it's dried TPU filament, it won't have such sound.  

Slicer Software Settings for TPU Print

The print speed of TPU filament is slower, the better. For the direct extruder like used on Kingroon KP3S, the recommend print speed is no more than 30-40mm/s. For bowen extruder like used on Creality Ender 3, the recommend print speed is no more than 15-20mm/s.

TPU is famous for the strings. There are several tips you could take in your slicer softwer settings to help you largely avoid strings. 

tpu print strings

In Simplify3D slicer software, you could set the "Movement Behavior" to avoid crossing outline for travel movements by click it. 

TPU filament setting profile 

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