Kingroon KP5L (DIY Version) Assembly Manual

Packaging List of Kingroon KP5L 3D Printer

Kingroon kp5l packing list

Assembly Instruction of Kingroon KP5L DIY Version

Step 1. Fix the two Z-axis on the bottom panel with M5*20 screws, as show below. 

Kingroon KP5L installation 

Step 2. Take the top aluminum part and the filamnet rack out. Use M5*12 screws to fix them on the Z-axis guide rail. 

kingroon kp5l assembly 

Step 3. Take out the heatbed of your Kingroon KP5L, and the leveling nuts and springs. Assemble them together and install the heatbed on the Y-axis of Kingroon KP5L 3D printer. 

install kingroon kp5m 3d printers 

Step 4. Fix X-axis with 4 M5*12 screws on the Z-axis as shown in the picture. 

kingroon kp5l 3d printer

Step 5. Take out the the heatbed and Y-axis that already assembled in Step 3, and fixed it on the acrylic board with 5 M5*12 screws as shown below. 

assembly kingroon kp5l
Step 6. Disassemble the metal block on the right top of the X-axis. Push the extruder head on the X-axis from the right side. Assemble the timing belt around the pulley. Then put the metal block on the right top back and fix with screws.

Kingroon KP5M Installation

Step 7. Take out the power supply and fix it on the right Z-axis guide rail with M4*6 screws.

Step 8. Fix the LCD display with 2 M4*12 screws. 

Kingroon KP5L assemble 

Wiring Instruction of Kingroon KP5 3D Printers

Kingroon KP5L Wiring

kp5l wiring 

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