5Pcs/Set For Ender 5/7 CHT High Flow Nozzle Brass High-speed 3D Printer Hotend Extruder Nozzle For 1.75mm Filament M6 Thread



1. Name : CHT High Flow Nozzle
2. Net Weight : 3.5g
3. Filament Diameter : 1.75mm
4. Screw : M6 Thread
5. Nozzle Diameter :0.4mm
6. Length : 16.8mm
7. Compatible For Ender 5/7 or another similar Heater Block

Brass Nozzle Basic

1. Max Printing Temperature : 300℃
2. Thermal Conductivity : 105W/m.k
3. Hardness : 3.0Mohs

Brass material with good thermalconductivity and high hardness
The roughness of the inner wall of the pipeline Ra<0.4 reduces blockage.High temperature resistance, fast thermal conductivity, and more stable printing

Suitable forhigh-speed printers
The CHT high-speed nozzle can provide twice the flow rate of theEnder7/5 nozzle, making it more suitable for high-speed printers with larger flow rate and improved printing speed

Twice the flow rate
Recommend using a high-speed printer for higher traffic and faster printing speed
Smooth inner wall
Smooth inner wall without burrs, anti wire drawing