MK8 Nozzle & Cleaning Needle Tools Kit


42Pcs of MK8 nozzles & 3D printer tools kit to make the nozzles installation, mantainence and cleaning, and removing printed parts easier.

Compatible with Ender 3 /Ender 3 Pro / Ender 5 /Ender 5 Pro /CR10 /CR10S /S4 /S5 3D printers and MK8 extruders.

Package includes:

0.4mm MK8 brass nozzles for 1.75mm filament* 10pcs

PC4-01 Pneumatic connector for hotend * 2pcs

PC4-m6 Pneumatic connectors for extruder * 2pcs

1meter PTFE teflon tube 2*4mm * 1meter

CR10 Heat block * 3pcs;

CR10 MK7 nozzle throat * 3pcs; 

MK8 silicone socks which also can be used for cr10 heater block * 3pcs

0.4mm cleaning needle silver color * 5pcs;

0.35mm cleaning needle golden color * 5pcs;

PT.ESD-15 tweezer * 1pcs;

PT.ESD-12 tweezer * 1pcs;

Allen wrench * 1pcs;

Open-end wrench * 1pcs;

L-shaped nozzle wrench * 1pcs;

Stainless steel Shovel No. 17 (handle is plastic) * 1pcs;

Stainless steel Shovel No. 4 (handle is plastic) * 1pcs.


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