Makerbase MKS DLC32 Controller

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MKS DLC32 motherboard kit, is an offline control kit developed for desktop engraving machines. The hardware is equipped with a 32-bit high-speed ESP32 module, integrated WiFi function, and directly drives a 3.5-inch color touch screen. The control board can realize fast engraving and web pages control, mobile phone App control, and other functions. The mounting holes and board size of MKS DLC32 are compatible with MKS DLC. And it can also be used with the GRBLaser and LightBurn PC software.  

Makerbase MKS DLC32 Specifications

MCU ESP32-WROON-32U (32bits)
MCU Freq. 240MHz
FLASH 8192KBytes
RAM 520KBytes
Laser Speed ≤8000mm/min
PC Engraving Support
Offline  Support
LCD Support, 3.5inch Touch TFT
WiFi on Board Support
Web Control Support
Mobile APP Control Support
GRBLaser Support
LightBurn Support
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Engraving effect

The high PWM frequency of MKS DLC32 fully meets the needs of various semiconductor laser heads. The engraving effect is more delicate, and the grayscale expression is smoother.

Up to 8000mm/min Engraving Speed

Thanks to the high-speed IO flip speed of the main control module and a powerful timer, MKS DLC32 can achieve up to 8000mm/min high-speed engraving speed.

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MKS DLC32 Tutorial

Instruction for using Makerbase MKS DLC32 control board on desktop engraving machines.