Hotend Silicone Shell for Creatit K1/K1 MAX


Hotend Silicone Shell for Creatit K1/K1 MAX

Introducing the Hotend Silicone socks: Your Ultimate Solution for Cleanliness, Safety, and Precision! Discover the true potential of your Creatit K1/K1 MAX printer while maintaining a clean, safe, and efficient workspace.

Cleanliness and Protection

The Hotend Silicone Shell is your first line of defense against unwanted debris and dirt around the heating block and nozzle. Say goodbye to messy print results and hello to pristine, high-quality creations.

Thermal Insulation

Safety always comes first. Our silicone shell provides outstanding insulation, effectively preventing accidental burns. Now you can work confidently, knowing that your 3D printing process is secure and risk-free.

Tailored for Creatit K1/K1 MAX

We understand that every 3D printer is unique. That's why our Hotend Silicone Shell is designed exclusively for Creatit K1 and K1 MAX models. It's a perfect fit, ensuring seamless installation and optimal performance.


Product name: K1 Siicone shell
Product color: Black
Product weight: 3.4g
Product size: 23.5*19*28mm
Product characteristics: Good insulation performance, low high-temperature shrinkage
Product function: Maintain uniform temperature and improve printing effect
Temperature resistance: can work for a long time at a high temperature of 300*C
Other: Not easy to peel off, low thermal conductivity and low heat capacity