Upgrade Bi-metal Heatbreak For KP3S/ KP3S Pro/ KP3S Pro S1 Copper Titanium Alloy 6x30mm Throat 1/2/3pc


Bi-metal Heatbreak (Copper & Titanium Alloy) for Kingroon KP3S / KP3S Pro / KP3S Pro S1 3D Printers


1. The newly upgraded bimetal pipe conducts heat faster and is capable of high-temperature printing.
2. The oblique cut section is designed to facilitate stability after installation.


*Size :6x30mm
*Threaded : M6
*Fit For 1.75mm Filament
*Package : 1/2/3PC Option


*For KP3S / KP3S Pro / KP3S Pro S1 3D Printer
*You also can DIY use another 3d printer , but at your own risk.