Silicone Sock for BambuLab A1 mini


Silicone Sock for BambuLab A1 mini. Designed for BambuLab A1 mini extruder.

Up to 300°C high temperature resistant. Side opening for easy fitting onto the heater block.

Good insulation performance, low high-temperature shrinkage rate. Maintain uniform temperature and improve printing effect. Not easy to peel off, low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity.

Why silicone sock is needed for the extruder heater block?

A silicone sock helps to prevent heat from dissipating downward onto the newly printed part (which will soften the object and affect the result) and meanwhile isolates the heater block from the ambient of much lower temperature.

Package includes:

Silicone sock for heating block * 3PCS / 20PCS

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