【2KG Pack】Tri-Color Silk PLA Filament - Green / Purple / Copper


Tri-color silk PLA Green / Purple / Copper for FDM 3D Printing 1KG 1.75mm. 

The filament combines purple, green, and copper colors. Rotating the part to a different orientation changes the visible color. Perfect for 3D printing articulated dragons, toys, and anything you can imagine. 

Recommended parameters for Tri-Colors PLA printing:

Tri-Colors PLA Green, Purple, Copper
PLA Nozzle Temp 220±10°C
PLA Bed Temp 55°C - 60°C
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Spool Dimensions (Approx.) 200mm Diameter, 64mm Height, 60mm Inner Core
Density (g/cm³) 1.17-1.24(g/cm³ at 21.5°C)
Retraction Distance 1mm
Retraction Speed 20mm/s
Glass transition temperature 60-65°C
Tensile strength (X-Y) 28.1±1.3 MPa
Bending strength 48±1.9 MPa