How to Replace FEP Film for Kingroon KP6 LCD 3D Printers

What is FEP Film?

FEP film is a common seen consumable in lcd resin 3d printers. It's the transparent film sheet of the resin tank that contains resin for 3d print. The UV lights are set underneath the FEP film and cure prints through the sheet. We'll take Kingroon KP6 3D printer as an example to show you how to change FEP film for your LCD 3d printers.

How Often I Need to Change my FEP Film?

We usually need the transparent film at the bottom of the resin tank. The UV light would go through the FEP sheet to cure the resin. FEP film usually damaged when we cleaning the remainings in it. Especially, when we use scrapers to take failed prints in the resin vat. 

When you see clear scratches on your FEP sheet, or punctures, it's time to change your FEP film. And when you have regular print failures, it's also necessary to check if it's time to replace the FEP sheet. Normally, after 20-30 prints, your FEP film would have some kind of tear that need to be replaced. But it could last longer when you care the FEP sheet carefully. 

Tools You Need to Change FEP Sheet

  • a piece of new FEP film;
  • a screwdriver;
  • a pair of scissors or a cutter.

Change FEP film tools

First of all, we use the screwdriver to twist out the screws. Then remove the old film.

Tear off the two outside protective film of your new film, put it on the corresponding frame, puncture screw holes with scissors, put the screws into the screw holes, and tighten them with a screwdriver.

After tightening, cut off the excess FEP film along with the sink.

Pour a small amount of clean water to test whether there is water leakage.

Finally put the sink directly on the printer for use.

These are all you need to know of how to replace a tore FEP film on your LCD resin 3d printer. 

How to Clean the FEP Film for Resin LCD 3D Printers?

For your convenience, we'll add in a brief introduction on how to clean the FEP film for your resin LCD 3D printer here.

Items and tools required:

Safety gloves *1
Funnel *1
Liquid resin bottle *1
Plastic scraper *1
Isopropyl alcohol *1
Paint strainer *1
Paper tower *1

Before proceeding to below steps, don't forget wear a pair of safety gloves to prevent liquid resin from hurting your hands.

Step 1, remove the vat screw and take out the vat with care.
Step 2, put the paint strainer into the funnel, and then put them onto your resin bottle.
Step 3, pour any leftover liquid resin inside the vat out into the bottle.
Step 4, use the plastic scraper to remove any hardened resin leftover on the vat with care.
Step 5, disassemble the vat with a wrench and take out the FEP film.
Step 6, wet the paper tower with isopropyl alcohol and gently wipe off the remaining resins on the FEP film.

In addition, don't forget to wipe the LCD screen clean before you install the FEP film and the vet back; also, a soft microfiber cloth can be a better option to wipe off resin remains.

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