Screen Control of the KINGROON KP3S Pro V2

For those who uses the latest KP3S Pro V2 or installed a 12864 screen on the earlier version, you can setup the printer much easily.

It helps the beginners to use it like a normal printer and is convenient for setting it up when there is no internet connection.

Here is the process you need to do: bed leveling, input shaping and load filament, then you can start to print.

Before that, let’s introduce the screen we use on the KINGROON KP3S Pro V2.

P1 12864 Screen on the New KINGROON KP3S Pro V2

It is a 12864 screen with a flashing knob. By turning the knob, you can select the options you want, press it you will have the option confirmed or executed. At the home page, the screen will show some information about the printing, like the temperatures and fan speed. If the printer already connected to the internet, you can also see its IP address.

That’s it. Let’s start to set up the printer. 


Bed Leveling

Press the knob at the home page.

P2 Press the knob to start


Then choose options in this order: level>Z_offset>Probe, then the printer will home all the axis and park the extruder above the center of the heatbed.

P3 Home all after Z probe

(The printer is homing)

After that, put a paper under the nozzle, click choose “Z_move” to adjust the Z height. It is about 4.7 mm above the heatbed.

P4 Use a peper for adjusting the Z height

There are 3 distances, 1,0.1 and 0.01, we recommend starting from the largest distance then narrow down with the smaller distance. Slide the paper, once you feel scratch feeling and the paper can slider smoothly, you are all set.


Scroll down and choose “save”, the Z probe settings will be saved. Once you see it returns to the home page, you can do the next step.

P5 Save Z Probe settings


Back to the leveling process. Choose options in this order: level>Z_offset>Auto_level, the printer will start the measurement automatically, it is a 36 points measurement.

P6 Choose Auto bed Leveling

After that, the extruder will stop at the last point, settings will be stored automatically. Once you see the home screen, you can go to the next step.


Input shaping 

Input shaping settings is important to avoid layer shifting and ghosting issues, thanks to the build in ADXL365 sensor, it is very easy on the KP3S Pro V2.

Put the printer on a stable desk and make sure the belts are in proper tension.

Press the knob and choose “Input_shapper”.

P7 Input Shape

The extruder will move to the center above the heat bed and start to shake from 1hz. When reaches 100hz, it will switch to the bed. The bed is going to shake back and forth. It’s quite high frequency and with loud noise, but it is safe, please don’t be afraid and turn it off in the middle.


Load filament

Preheat PLA

So, the input shaping settings saved automatically, you can prepare the printing now. Before putting the filament in, choose options in this order to preheat the printer: Temperature>Preheat PLA>Preheat all

P8 Preheat PLA

Then go back to the home screen to see the temperature change. The target temperature should reach in a few seconds. Straight the filament, hold the filament switch, then put the filament in. Once you feel the filament enters the heatbreak and held by the gears, you are all set.

And this tutorial will show you the detailed steps:

Filament Loading and Unloading on the KINGROON KP3S Pro V2 and KLP1


Load the filament

Choose options in this order to load the filament: Filament>Load Fil. fast/slow

The filament should come out if your previous steps is correct. Unload the filament would be the same.

Then you can start to print.

P9 Load the filament

(Unload the filament)

When unload the filament to filament changing, remember to wait the nozzle to cool down before pulling the filament out.



After that, choose options in this order and choose a file to print: Print>System/USB

You should be all set then. The printing will start when it reaches the settings. 

And you can press the knob to control the print status during the printing, pause or cancel it.

P10 Contol during printing

The web dashboard has 0.025 and 0.005 distance options on Z_probe settings.

You can do a test print and modify the pressure advance settings use your PC.

Once you have the internet connection and a PC around, you can check the below link for a full process to have higher accuracy:

Initial Unboxing Setup for the KINGROON KLP1 and KP3S Pro V2 3D Printers


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Вячеслав - April 28, 2024

Здравствуйте! Принтер получил. Собрал он, был собран наполовину. А маленький экран интерфейс высвечивается, но когда крутишь, он не переключается. Я не знаю, в чём дело, помогите разобраться с этой ситуацией.

Jeffery Gale - December 15, 2023

In the Kingroon KP3s Pro V2 3D printer, does the stainless steel thermistor sensor connect to the E1 or E0 interface on the mainboard ? Is there a setting in Marlin that I need to change ?

Mykhailo - July 24, 2023

I am wondering how it is measuring shaper frequency for bed if there is no adxl sensor attached to it? There is only one accelerometer on the printhead.

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