Add Laser Head on Kingroon KP3S 3D Printer

We will show you how to turn your Kingroon KP3S 3D printer into a powerful laser machine, so that you can switch its mode to carve things anytime. And it is quite easy, what you need to do is buying a laser and flashing a new firmware.

Here is the 24V 1.6W laser head we use. 

Kingroon KP3S laser head

Step 1, Connect the Laser on the KP3S Mainboard

First, remove the bottom cover and disconnect the fan cable. 

Then you need to check the MCU of your Kingroon KP3S mainboard, see if it is STM32F103 or GD32F303. The firmware now only works for these two models. We will release a newer firmware compatible for all three MCUs.

Kingroon KP3S mainboard

Connect the laser cable to the HE1 port. You need to remove the white cap of the laser head cable. Don’t mix the negative (black cable) and positive (red cable). This port will be used to power and control the laser.

kingroon kp3s laser head

After that, settle the cables well, put the wrapper back and install the bottom cover. You are ready to proceed next step.

Step 2, Prepare Files

Go visit , download and install the software. Import the files you want to carve, set the right size then save the file.

kingroon laser head

The largest carving size is 150*180mm, just make sure your setting is right. You will get an “NC” file then.

Next, download Kingroon KP3S firmware for laser head. Unzip the file, put everything along with the NC file into your SD card. Check below photo, make sure all listed files are included.

Kingroon KP3S laser head

Step 3, Flash Firmware and Install Laser Head

Put the SD card in your KP3S and power it up. The firmware will start to flash automatically. It will take some time. Once you see the interface, the update is finished.

After that, you will see “Laser mode” and “Print mode” in settings, they are switchable. Switch to “Laser mode”, click “Light on” to test the laser. It should start to shine with an unfocused light.

kingroon kp3s laser head

Then you can install the laser. Remove the print head cover, put screws trough the right-side holes, connect the laser on the right side, make sure the laser is slightly higher than the nozzle.

laser on Kingroon KP3S 3D printer

After that, install the print head cover back, tie the laser cable well.

kingroon kp3s laser head 

Step 4Carving

Now you are all set.  Put a protect board on the heat bed, adjust the print head height manually, aim the object you want to carve, then you can start to carve.

3D Printer laser head

The “Laser mode” won’t auto home, that’s why you need to adjust the carving height and aim the object manually. So, the laser will start to carve from the point you aim, please make sure your file is in a right size and do a well measurement in case it carves over the area. Also, you will get a deeper result by lowing the height.

Here is the result we got. We carved a leaf. 

laser head on kingroon kp3s 

Since the laser are dangerous, please keep it away from your children, wear a protective goggle while it’s carving. Also, if you want to record its carving, you may want to avoid long videos with your smart phone, the shinning lights might damage its COMS.

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Jerry Martens - January 24, 2022

Hi how can I adapt this to my board? It’s compatible with the ones in this article. I have the same processor.

Jerry Martens - January 23, 2022

Hi. How can I adapt this to my mks robin mini board? I have an earlier kp3 version.

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