ChituBox Slicer V1.8.1 for Kingroon KP6 Download

ChituBox slicer V1.8.1 download for Kingroon KP6:

Test models to DOWNLOAD for Kingroon KP6 and Kingroon KP6 Plus:

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Daniel - August 20, 2023

My Kingroon Kp6 pro doesn’t see any sliced file, nor 1.91 nor 1.81 or anything else

Flash card with the printer contains 4 files, none of them are detected by the printer.

vincent giunta - July 1, 2023

is there somewhere to go for support. i have yet to be able to use my printer as anyhing more than a paper weight. i see some third party utube stuff but i speak english. the info here is wrong and for some reason not updated even tho you are aware. the chitu slicer is new version but not able to be used….. but you have customers downloading it only to fail…. why do that?

Alex - March 2, 2023

Hello, I have an “unknown file format” problem. I have used chitubox 1.8.1 from this website. How can I fix this?

Cristiano - February 8, 2023

hello i need kingroon kp6 firmware for chitubox 1.91

Matheus barros - September 5, 2022

I need the updated firmware or the kp6 plus .all cfg

Marcos - September 3, 2022

ChituBox Slicer V1.9.4 para kingroon KP6

Валерий - August 25, 2022

Здравствуйте, подскажите стоит ожидать прошивку для ChituBox 1.9 ?

mad - April 19, 2022

any firmware for chitubox pls my kp6 says file format invalid

Neliton - April 13, 2022

Hello friends! Do you have an estimated release date for the ChituBox 1.9x compatible firmware? Tks

Kingroon 3D official - March 19, 2022

Our KP6 didn’t support chitubox 1.91 yet, so sorry for that.

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