Kingroon KP3S SD Card Files to Download

Original Kingroon KP3S 3D printer SD card files to DOWNLOAD.

Including Kingroon KP3S user guide in English, German, Russian, and Japanese. 

Kingroon KP3S stock fan duct stl file.

Test stl files. 

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Marius - June 25, 2022

The SD card have an error “The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.”
What can I do to recover the program from SD?

Michael Maurer - June 1, 2022

I cannot open the user guide / manual.
How do I download?

Kingroon 3D Official - May 24, 2022

@ptrick Err7: Thermal Runaway Check the nozzle temperature or hot bed temperature by tapping “Preheat” button. A negative number indicates that the thermistor is in poor contact or damaged.

ptrick - May 22, 2022

err 7 need to know what it is

Kingroon 3D Official - February 25, 2022

We already sent the folder to your email, pls check your inbox

Vagner - February 4, 2022

Dear support,

I bought a KP3 and I can’t access the files on google drive, how to get the files?

Kind regards,


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