Install BLTouch Leveling Sensor on Kingroon KP5 with Marlin Firmware

This upgrade is based on the Kingroon KP5 series 3D printers with Marlin 2.0 firmware pre-installed. 

First, get the printable fix frame for the BLTouch, which you could install the BLTouch on the extruder head. 



Secure Cables for BLTouch

The limit switch for the leveling cable is for Zmax place and the position of the black and write cable can't be switched. The write cable is for S. The black cable is for G. As shown in the following picture. 

The cable for the motor also need to follow the right position as shown in the picture below. 

kingroon kp5m bltouch installation

Firmwares for Kingroon KP5 BLTouch Upgrade 

Get the .bin firmware modified for BLTouch upgrade for your Kingroon KP5 printers

Save the .bin formate firmware on your TF card and upgrade on your Kingroon KP5 printer.  

Adjust the Default Leveling Position

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- January 18, 2022

Does the z limit switch cable need to be removed?

Kingroon Official - January 17, 2022

Hi VF,
We have just updated firmware files for both KP5L and KP5M.

Kingroon Official - January 17, 2022

Hi HO, we have updated firmware files for both KP5L and KP5M.

VF - January 6, 2022

Please provide KP5L BLTouch firmware.
I would try to compile it from >, but if I fail, I do not have any factory firmware to return to.
Appreciate if you could provide pin diagram of the board for us to install Klipper.

HO - January 4, 2022

There is no KP5L BLTouch firmware file. Please upload the file. Also, please upload the KP5L, KP5M genuine firmware.

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