Kingroon KP5L Firmware to Download

Kingroon KP5L (half-assembled version) stock firmware to DOWNLOAD.

Kingroon KP5L (full diy version) stock firmware to DOWNLOAD. This is Marlin firmware that need you to compile. 

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alex - March 11, 2023

can you please send the good firmware the mail?

Artemy Artemy - March 2, 2023

Пришлите пожалуйста на почту стандартную прошивку для kp5l. В файле на этой странице ось x едет в другую сторону

Илья - February 5, 2023

здравствуйте! помогите решить проблему , при нажатии на паузу поднимается по оси Z вверх до упора а потом пишет нет фаила , и заменить феломент во время печати не возможно

Ярослав - January 25, 2023

Здравствуйте захотел обновить прошивку на своём kp5l. После обновления все иконки стали белыми. Причём все функции исправно работают. Пытался откатить прошивку назад но ничего не помогло. Помогите пожалуйста.

Daniel - January 18, 2023

i updated the firmware for my KP5L and the x-axis is now inverted when leveling my bed. the extruder moves all the way to the right in an attempt to find the proximity sensor located on the left side

Антон - January 2, 2023

После обновления на Kingroon KP5L (half-assembled version все работает наоборот. Пришлите на почту изначальную прошивку что шла с принтером пожалуйста

Norman Goodrich - December 31, 2022

Dear Kingroon 3D Official
I forgot to inform you that I am basically using the same slicer thus the same g codes I use for KP3 and KP3S.

Norman Goodrich - December 31, 2022

Dear Kingroon 3D Official
Just got my KP5L (half assembled) and assembled without any problem.
It halts somewhere soon after I start printing. Temperature setting and the head position stays as it is until I cancel the printing.
It sometimes ignores the Z axis limit switch (I diid the leveling procedure beforehand) and engraved deep scratches to the printing bed. After I stopped the printing, the printing head (Z axis) always goes all the way up till it hits the top and for a few seconds tries to force upwards producing odd sounds from the step motor.
I found the firmware here and flashed my printer with success, but the situations did not change. I had to invert the X axis setting in the cfg file which worked, but the problems with halts and wierd Z axis movements did not go away.
I am a huge fan of your products (I own KP3 and KP3S 1.0 which I upgraded to 3.0 by myself thanks to your instructions. They work like a charm.) and would very much like to have this KP5L work properly. Is there any information I should give you?

shiba - December 25, 2022

Firmware has been updated.
The startup logo changes to a strange image, followed by repeated reboots shortly thereafter.
The menu screen does not appear.
Please fix as soon as possible.

dogapy - December 25, 2022

I did the firmware, but the printer is malfunctioning. I can’t seem to get the coordinates. I need a firmware that can be initialized.

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