Kingroon KP3 Firmware Download

  • Firmware for Kingroon KP3 (KP3-3DP180) to DOWNLOAD

Kingroon KP3 3D Printer Specification

Model Kingroon KP3-3DP180 3D printer
Print Volumn 180*180*180mm

kingroon kp3


  • Firmware for Kingroon KP3S 2.0 with red extruder to DOWNLOAD.


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    Shimabukuro Hugo - August 29, 2023

    Hello good morning! I have a problem with my Kingroon KP3-3DP180 printer. It no longer recognizes any file that it brought to print except the one that contains the SD with the wine when I bought it. But what I do with blender does not read me. Please Could you help me and solve it. I thank you very much in advance and my best regards, Mr. Shimabukuro Hugo

    Ana Monteiro - August 3, 2023

    My Kp3 does not read the files on the card, what can I do?

    Diane Bickford - March 3, 2023

    I cannot get my bed to heat on the KP3
    What can I is brand new out of box

    재형 - January 23, 2023

    다운 프로그램이 다 날아갔는데 펌웨어를 못찾고 있습니다 다운 방법좀 알려주세요

    Dan - December 7, 2022

    A short on my extruder temp wires has caused it too always be ON – With the machine pulled down i see there is plugs for a second extruder, can i do a simple fix by swapping wires then editing some code in cura to use asif it was the same?

    Jeannine - November 29, 2022

    Does the machine KP3 need to be in a ventilated room when using? Am using PLA filament.

    Сергей - August 26, 2022

    тоже самое с моим кингруном и куру скачать все равно нет а вот кингрун слайсер скачать не могу .

    Marcos - July 3, 2022

    buenas, con la ultima actualización se ha invertido el extrusor, hay alguna solución

    Pablo - July 2, 2022

    Hi, I want to upgrade my kp3s (red extruder) with a titan extruder, Do I need a new firmware or just modify the txt file with the correct E0 steps (764) and flash it?. In that case, is it just modify the robin_nano_cfg.txt and boot the printer with a SD with the file?

    Kingroon 3D Official - May 24, 2022

    @chrit Sorry for the problem. Please check the firmware files, the problem can be fixed by modifying the text file in it. Just modify the related setting and flash the text file. Thanks!

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