Kingroon KP5M Package List

Kingroon KP5M Package List Quantity
XZ-axis kit * 1
kingroon kp5m packaing list
Printer base * 1 kingroon kp5m printer base
Control screen kit * 1 kingroon kp5m control screen
Filament rack * 1 filament holder
Power cable * 1 kingroon kp5m power cable
Ribbon cable  * 1 ribbon cable of kingroon kp5m
Pliers * 1 Pliers
Storage card & card reader * 1 sd card
Wrenches kit * 1 wretch kit
0.4mm nozzle * 1
Nozzle wrenches * 1 wretches
USB cable * 1
Nozzle clean needle * 1
PTFE tube 2mm*4mm

* 1

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Berta - February 13, 2022

your printer on the web does not match these images, it seems more basic and older. I’m missing something?

Kingroon Official - December 16, 2021

@Jeremy Comeaux
Hi Jeremy, what do you mean software package. We’ll include slicer software in the sd card in the package.

Jeremy Comeaux - December 16, 2021

Do the printers come with a software package and if not can I get info on prices? Thanks

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