Lychee Slicer for Kingroon KP6 Mono LCD 3D Printer

We're so excited to announce that our Kingroon KP6 mono LCD 3D printer has supported profile in Lychee slicer V3.6.1.

It's given our users another great slicer option, except for the ChituBox slicer.

kingroon kp6 supports lychee slicer 

You could DOWNLOAD Lychee slicer V3.6.1 on the official website of Lychee.

And choose Kingroon KP6 in the entry part of the slicer. 

Then you could get our official recommended slicing profile for our Kingroon KP6 mono LCD 3D printer. 

default profile of Kingroon KP6 on LycheeSlicer

What is Lychee Slicer?

Lychee slicer is a slicing software for SLA and LCD resin 3D printers developed by Mango 3D.

Lychee slicer now comes into its third generation and has 3 different versions, including the free, the Proand thePremium version for different users.

According to its official website, the latest version for Lychee slicer is the 4.0.11 version.

Lychee slicer has a wide compatibility with different resin 3D printers, including Ceality Halot One, Anycubic M3, SparkMaker, and etc.

Features you should know about Lychee Slicer

Lychee slicer is a user friendly slicing software for resin 3D printing. It provides a simple and easy to operate interface optional in three popular languages, including English, German and French.

Lychee slicer's Magic Menu allows automatic preparation process for STL files. This function handles the alignment, adding necessary supports and rafts automatically. It liberates us from the exhausting manual preparation for the model and saves a lot of time.

Lychee slicer's super powerful algorithm for support ensures an intelligent application of supports on 3D print object. As we know, resin 3D printing is more exquisite than FDM 3D printing. And smooth supports generated by Lychee slicer really assist this feature. That's why it can be used in industrial grade design, such as jewelry, dentistry, and etc.

Lychee slicer's cutout bar allows us to view a 3D model's cutout at any height. We have much easier access to see inserts and supports inside, which can be difficult seen before.

Lychee Slicer vs ChiTuBox - Differences you should Know

When talk about Lychee slicer, it's unavoidable to mention ChiTu Box and compare these two together. 

ChiTuBox is available in 2017 while Lychee Slicer in 2019. This makes ChiTuBox more well-known but Lychee slicer comes with some extra and excellent features.

1. User interface


There are slight differences between Lychee slicer and ChiTuBox when talking about their user interfaces. They both allows to drag in objects and provides mouse controlled pan, tilt and zoom functions.  

ChiTuBox's user interface is similar with Cura and Simplify 3D, with general menu on the top, object control menu on the left and two tab menus on the right. 

On the other hand, Lychee slicer also has a similar layout for manual options, object manipulation on the left, main menu on the top, and detailed options on the right and bottom.  

In addition, Lychee slicer has a "Magic Mode" button for quick processing of the imported object. 

2. Features 

Both Lychee slicer and ChiTuBox have similar features especially an automatic processing of adding supports and hollowing 3D print objects that not all stock slicers coming with a resin 3D printer has.

The advantage for ChiTuBox is to be able to carry out advanced editing for support structure while Lychee slicer only offers similar function in its Pro version. This function allows users to adjust contact height and dimensions.

ChiTubox can also generate GIF images for simulated 3D models.

On the other side, Lychee slicer provides an interesting function named as Support Recalculation. This is very helpful when you have a 3D model with existing support structures. It prevents possible collision between the support and the model while you scale it down.

Another feature you might prefer Lychee slicer is its real time preview of the model you're going to print on your resin 3D printer. This shows what exactly your 3D print will be.

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Daniel - October 20, 2023

Why my Kingroon kp6 pro is only compatible with vlare slicer and It has no serial number in the info tab?

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