18mm Oldham Coupling Brass T8 Z-Axis Screw Coupler


18mm Oldham Coupling Brass T8 Z-Axis Screw Hot Bed Coupler for BLV Ender 3 /CR10 S4 S5 3D Printer Parts

This Oldham coupling is made of brass, which reduces friction and has sufficient strength. CNC-machining controls the clearance at the connection location.

The use of this shaft coupling for the Z-axis screw of the 3D printer will reduce the printing quality problems caused by the swing of the hot bed during the printing process.

Small in size and easy to install and disassemble.

Compact size, low moment of inertia. Adapt to large radial- misalignment It has high torsional stiffness


Item: Oldham Coupling for 3D Printer T8 Screw For Z Axis

Material: Brass


Package Includes:

1 PC x Oldham Coupling