36mm Round Stepper Motor For Voron 3D Printer

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The 36mm round stepper motor compatible with the extruder of Voron 3D Printer.

Material: Copper gear
Module m: 0.5
Pressure angle a: 20°
Number of teeth Z: 10
Gear outer diameter Do: 06-0.1
Number of phases: 2
Step angle: 18"
Rated voltage: DC 2.4V
Rated current: DC 0.5A
Keep rotating torch: ≥120mN.m
Phase resistance: 13±10% ohm(20C)
Phase inductance: 10 ± 20% Tsui (1KHz)
Turning (look with the object): A-AB-B-C
Moment of inertia: 15 g.cm

1 X 36 Stepper Motor