3D Printer PCB Heated Bed 24V 220W For Prusa i3 MK3S MK52 Hot Bed Plate

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Product characteristics

The hot bed, aluminum plate and thermistor have good temperature stability. High surface flatness. Rounded design, no cutting.

Wiring free high efficiency

No welding required, self provided terminal, assembly free interface

Rapid heating 24V-200W

The whole board passes optical short circuit and short circuit detection, with low failure rate.

Fixed counterbore design

All holes are designed as countersunk holes, with the upper diameter of 6.5mm and the lower diameter of 3.2mm. After installation, the surface is flat without raised screws

Product parameters

Product name: PRUSA i3 MK52/MK3S Hot bed
Product function: heating
Rated voltage: 24V
Maximum power: 220W
Product material: PCB board
Color: black
Size: 245x255x3mm

Applicable model
Prusa MK52/Prusa MK2.5/Prusa MK3/ Prusa MK3S/Prusa MK3S+