Nema 17 Stepper Motor (42x23mm)

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This 42 stepper motor is fit for KINGROON KP3S/KP5L Titan extruder hotend.

1. Adopting high-quality motor steel material, low self-inductive reactance, good responsiveness and longer life.
2. Low-loss stators have better high-speed performance.
3. The surface is coated with imported rotor glue to prevent the burr on the surface caused by the oxidative grinding of carbon steel, low noise during use.
4. The Nema17 Stepper Motor gets low resistance, thus enabling good thermal conductivity, effectively reducing the increase in temperature.

Material: high-quality steel
Size: 42x42x23 mm
Number of phases: 2
Step angle: 1.8°±0.09°
Rated voltage: DC 4.1V
Rated current: DC 1.0A
Phase resistance: 4.0Ω
Phase inductance: 4.0mH
Holding torque: ≥ 130mN.m
Moment of inertia: 30
Weight: 130g

42 Stepper Motor*1
1m Cable*1

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