Coupler for Z-axis T8 Leadscrew


Brass coupler to improve the printing quality from the problems caused by the swing of the heat bed during printing, like subtracting the effects for the clearance of not straight lead screw when printing.

If the lead screw is not straight, the printing precision will be a problem, then this coupling will solve it.

high torsional stiffness, Protect driven parts and support bearings, used to advoid the effects for large radial misalignment

OD is 22mm, The center distance between two holes is 16mm, please must measure your lead screw nut installation holes distance before purchasing.

This kit is compatible with VzBot 3D Printer, BLV 3D printer and other 3D printers with T8 lead screw Z axis which is using 16mm center distance installation hole lead screw nut.

Package includes:

Z-axis threaded rod coupling* 1 / 2set

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