E3D V6 Hotend +Bimetal heatbreak for v6 Prusa voron Remote Short Direct Heat Sink


E3D V6 hotend, 1.75mm filament special

Material: 6063 aluminum

Advantage: can be used without quick connector

Compatible: For all V6 HOTEND interfaces Prusa 13 MK3/MK3S

Titan Extruder DDG Extruder

Weight: 33.6g

  • Support most mainstream models
  • Smooth surface, precise hole position
  • Efficient heat dissipation performance

1. E3D V6 Remote Heatsink Radiator
2. For 1.75mm PLA,ABS,PETG and so on
3. All-metal heat sink
4. Build in connector
5. For Titan Extruder