Camera For Kingroon KLP1 AI Detection Time-lapse Filming 24 Hour Real-time 3D Printing monitor New Upgrade


Product Name: KLP1 Webcam

Resolution: 720P(1280x720)

Connection: USB

Input: 5V

Size: 36*44*23.5mm

Adapted model: KINGROON KLP1(210/230), KINGROON KP3S Pro V2, QIDI MAX3/Plus3,ELEGOO Neptune 4/4plus/4 Max 

Driver: Driver-free

Easy to set up: USB Driver Free, plug in and use, add and show in Klipper dashboard, know the printing status visually.

Time-lapse support: step by step tutorials to setup time-lapse, and capture every important moment

Compatible with Klipper AI: Monitoring the printing, detecting failure, and saving your materials and money.


Klipper Timelapse - Installation and Configuration


Klipper AI with Obico - Best Upgration for Your Klipper Printers



PS: Fit KLP1 230 directly. Need drilling on KLP1 210. Need 3d printed holder on KP3S Pro V2