KINGROON KP Cheetah V2.0 Mainboard for KP3S Pro V2 3D Printer


This is the mainboard for KINGROON KP3S Pro V2, for all generations. With a slight difference in the THR port, KLP1 users cannot use this board directly.

Before using this board, please flash the system image that fits your model, otherwise, some functions might not work properly.

Please also noticed the direction of the THR cable, in case it damages the board.

Technical Details:

MCU type: GD32F303
Stepper driver: TMC2209
System Memory: MKS EMMC V1.0
EMMC Storage: 8GB
System Type: Armbian
Wifi: yes
SD Card: yes
HDMI: yes
Type C: yes
USB 3.0: 1
USB 2.0: 2
Ether Net: yes

NOTE: Photos are for reference only. Please check the current mainboard first and choose the qualified version for your printer. For the upgrade, please check the reference photo and ensure to buy all the changed units together, otherwise, the mainboard will not be compatible.

KLP1 mainboards are similar to KP3S Pro V2’s, so the reference photos are not divided into two versions.