KLP1 Auxiliary part cooling fan

The Auxiliary part cooling fan helps to reduce the vibration and helps on the heat dissipation that high speed printing requires. By working with the front part fan, it improved your printing quality greatly. And most of the parts are printable, you can print it by your own. Remember to do the following things after having the upgrade kit set up:

1:Flash to the least system image
2:Add the latest configuration to enable the kit
3.Redo the calibration process in the OrcaSlicer

Files you need to use:

1.The prints:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-WrtzIOolAvK9wpr6KYQa8BGPK-8L440?usp=sharing
2.The Configuration: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1k8q8hfeQSmc8bM0WG4K8vZEKe8qLuYX6?usp=sharing

Video Tutorial:https://youtu.be/HyCEEG9eKGg?si=IVZlER33i7t3Bt2m

Shipping List:

KLP1 Auxiliary part cooling fan x1
M3X6 Screws x12
M4X6 Screws x4
M4x12 Screws x5