3D Printer KLP1 LED Lighting Set Light Set 24V 48W 24 LEDs High Brightness


LED Lighting Set Light Set for Kingroon KLP1 3D printer


Light up your with the KLP1 LED Light Featuring 24 high brightness LED beads, this emits a bright and uniform light for long lasting use.
Versatile and durable, the KLP1 LED Light is designed to improve any setting. With 24 LED beads, it provides optimal lighting conditions for various applications.
Crafted from sturdy plastic material, it ensures reliable performances.
Tailored for 3D printer enthusiasts, the KLP1 LED Light is an essential accessory. Its 24 LED beads offer precise lighting for exceptional printing results. Elevates your printing experience with this versatile
Easy to install lighting solution, perfect for DIY enthusiasts and 3D printer lovers
Discover the power of illumination with the KLP1 LED Light Equipped with 24 LED beads, it delivers bright and even lighting, making it for photography studios, retail displays, or any space that requires professional lighting.

Name: KLP1 Modified Light Set
Lamp beads: 24 pieces
Light color: white
Line length: approx 1m/39.37in
Weight: 37.8g
Size:approx 20.3x1.73x0.85cm/7.99x0.68x0.33in

Package Includes:
1 Set KLP1 Modified Light Set