2 Pack PEI Flexible Steel Bed Plate

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Magnetic flexible steel bed plate for LCD resin 3d printer. Flexible steel plate is easy to bend and clean. The flexible steel plate makes it much easier to remove prints. It avoids damage on the original build plate of your LCD printer, especially while removing your prints. 

The lift handle design makes it easy to remove the magnetic steel plate after printing. 

135*75mm suitable for Elegoo Mars, Elegoo Mars Pro, Wanhao D7, Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K, Monoprice Deluxe SLA.

135*80mm suitable for Kingroon KP6 lcd resin 3D printer, ANYCUBIC Photon / Photon S / Photon Mono / Photon Mono SE / Qidi Shadow 5.5S SLA 3D printers.

140*84mm magnetic flexible steel plate suitable for Elegoo Mars 2 Pro lcd 3d printer. 

Package includes:

Flexible steel plate * 2PCS

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