2PCS Metal Extruder Idler Arm


Metal extruder idler arm to upgrade the stock plastic arm on the stock E3D Titan extruder. Durable Aluminum alloy metal material for long time use.

When will you need this metal extruder idler arm?

  • Your original plastic extruder idler arm is broken.
  • Upgrade your E3D Titan extruder with a metal idler arm for better user experience and long-time use. 

Compatible for E3D Titan extruder for 1.75mm, including Kingroon KP3S, Prusa i3 MK2, Artillery Sidewinder X1, Anycubic 4MAX Pro, Chiron, Titan Aero 3D printers' extruder.

Material: aluminum
Color: silver / black (optional)
Size: 55*29*8mm
Weight: 13g

Package includes:

Metal extruder idler arm * 2PCS (Black / Silver each)

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