E3D V6 Titanium Heatbreak


Titanium heatbreak for E3D V6 1.75mm hotend. High-quality TC4 titanium alloy with super low thermal conductivity to prevent heat creep.

E3D heatbreaks are compatible with E3D products only. 

Product Specifications:

Material: titanium
Size: M6*22.7mm
Top smooth part: φ5 /φ4.1 *5mm
Upper thread part: M7*10.7mm
Lower smooth part: φ3*2mm
Bottom thread part: M6*5mm / Inner Diameter: 2.0mm

Dimensions may vary slightly due to manufacturing tolerances. This does not affect the use of the product.

Package includes:

Titanium heat break *1pcs / 5pcs / 10pcs

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