5PCS TMC2225 Stepper Motor Driver

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MKS TMC2225 Stepper Motor Driver V1.0 Module. Upgrade your 3D printers for silent printing with TMC2225 stepper motor driver. 

Both TMC2225 and TCM2208 are good for silent print. TMC2225 is an upgraded product to replace TMC2208 with better price and better heat dissipation performance with a larger heatsink. TMC2225 can replace TMC2208 and TMC2209 completely.

TMC2225 Specifications:

Motor Driver TMC2225
Configuration STEP/DIR or UART
Micro steps Up to 1/256
MicroPlyer 1/256
Logic Voltage 3.3-5V
Motor Voltage 4.75-36V
Motor Phase Current 1.2A RMS, 2.0A Peak


Package includes:

MKS TMC2225 stepper driver * 5PCS + Heat sink * 5PCS

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Pin of TMC2225Function
Power Supply
VMMotor Supply Voltage
VIOLogic Supply Voltage
Motor Outputs
2AMotor Coil 1
1AMotor Coil 1
1BMotor Coil 2
2BMotor Coil 2
Control Inputs
STEPSTEP input (internal pull-down resistor)
ENEnable Motor Outputs: GND=on, VIO=off
MS1Microsteps resolution configuration (internal pull-down resistors) MS2, MS1: 00: ¼, 01: ⅛, 10: 1/16, 11: 1/32
RXUART RX, Directly connected to the PDN