Tungsten Carbide Nozzle volcano Super Wear-Resistance DLC coating for rapido hotend


1. Super Wear-Resistance | The Tungsten Carbide Nozzle Uses the world's leading ultra-high hardness tungsten carbide (hardness > 2700Hv (up to 2900Hv)), super wear resistance ensures long-term printing without weariness of nozzle hole and tip flat.

2. High-Temperature Performance | Composed of tungsten carbide and copper alloy with super hardness and excellent conductivity, the maximum printing temperature can be 550℃

3. Low Pushing Force | Tungsten Carbide Nozzle with high purity of more than 99.98% and high thermal performance keeps an even temperature of nozzle tip during printing, thus guaranteeing a stable extrusion.

4. Faster Speed | Due to the high thermal performance of the nozzle in general, the printing speed can be pushed even further without sacrificing the quality. A unique passageway in the nozzle improves the flow rate at the inner hole faster.

5. Low Friction | The whole nozzle is applied with DLC coating after adding a hard and smooth nickel plating layer. The surface friction coefficient is as low as 0.05 which makes the nozzle with clean printing, without plastic sticking to it.

1. Nozzle is tungsten carbide
2. The body is copper alloy with nickel plating + DLC (hardened).

DLC coating:
1. The friction coefficient is only 0.05, effectively avoiding molten plastic sticking to the nozzle;
2.Coating thickness 2.0μm, without effects on any dimension accuracy;
3. Maintaining good lubrication and wear resistance up to 300℃;
4. Strong adsorption capacity, coating hardness HV2200;
5. Stable chemical properties, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and insoluble in other solvents.